6 Ways to achieve your dream physique

Last updated on 13 May 2021

 Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but nobody wants to lift heavy-ass weights.

Ronnie Coleman

Fitness is something everyone desires but not everyone is able to achieve their dream physique. Some people don’t want to put the effort in due to constrain of time and responsibilities while some lack the knowledge despite the desire. If you belong to the latter category we got your back here. This is Day 0 of your fitness journey where you need to grasp some important ideas that would help you later.

  1. Make your mind

This should not come as a shocker and since you are here most probably you’ve already made your mind. The idea of a fit lifestyle requires mental fortitude as much as it requires physical prowess. So you need to be mentally in that zone where you can commit to the idea of working out and love it.

2. Take it slow

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By “take it slow” we mean don’t go into it with full force. It’s your journey and you have to travel it at your pace. As a beginner give your body ample time to recover without putting it under much tension. Just remember you have to build strength and stamina over time. Rushing things might wreck your body as well as your motivations which might give you a feeling that fitness is not your cup of tea.

3. Small things matter

This is by far the biggest mistake beginners make. When they don’t notice any big changes in the initial weeks their motivation takes a hit and they often end up quitting. The journey of that dream physique doesn’t happen overnight. It is something that requires hard work and serious commitment over a large time period. You might have heard it “Don’t rush the process, trust the process”. So believe in yourself and stay consistent.

4. Build a proper routine

If you want to be fit then you have to make constant efforts towards it every single day. Motivation may help you start but it’s the discipline that would keep you going. If you are an early bird you can plan your workout in the morning and devote that time only to your body and if you are more of an evening person go for evening time slots. The bottom line is you have to create a workout routine in accordance with your daily life and physical capabilities. Just don’t go on copying the routine of that Hollywood celebrity who turned around his physique in a span of months, that’s not for you.

5. Find a company

Admiral McRaven once said, “If you want to change the world find someone to help you paddle”. Having a workout buddy is often a blessing. Sometimes people lose interest in between the workout. Sometimes all we need is a little push. A partner would help you in these scenarios. They make workouts fun more than it is pain. You can also engage in a healthy rivalry with your workout buddy. This will provide you mental support and help you push through limits when it comes to crank those extra reps.

6. Don’t get disheartened

If you are still here then congratulations, You are almost ready to carve your own path in this fitness journey. But before jumping into it let’s focus on one of the most important points. You will often encounter people with better physiques than you and it may make you question your methods. That disbelief often triggers a chain of bad decisions where you often end up increasing the intensity of your workout or move towards artificial chemicals which often ends up in body dysmorphia and joints pain. All this just because you put you doubted yourself and tried a shortcut to the top.


Believe in yourself and remember everyone has a different journey. You are ready to start your own now. Just keep the above points in your mind and they’ll help you throughout this path to a better physique. Now that you have got what you needed, go for it CHAMP..!!!

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