How to introduce exercise to your weekly schedule

Last updated on 13 May 2021

What is your idea of exercise?

Is it the feeling of heart rushing faster than you when you are on the track running while the world around you fades in the background?

Is it that feeling when a gust of wind cherishes your soul after a sweat-dripping workout session?


Is it a feeling of being better than the rest?
A cut above others.
Most probably a better version of yourself that embodies confidence and self-belief.

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Whatever your reasons may for exercising.
The bottom line is you have to be consistent. So try to build a healthy habit of exercising most days of the week.

A sudden burst of motivation often makes a large number of people start their journey with the dedication that may rival the finest but after a week or so they lose the motivation and the will to continue.
They dupe themselves into believing that the idea of working out is not for them.
An initial great first week would give you a sense of short-term happiness but to achieve that real feeling of achievement and satisfaction we have to give more than a week and more days in a week.

Are you having trouble while introducing exercise to your daily/weekly schedule?
Don’t worry. We got it covered for you.
We will facilitate it for you guys and will help you stipulate basics that would help you in creating your weekly schedule.

A) Benefits of exercise

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The wide amount of benefits of regularly putting that body on work will require an Encyclopedia of itself.
Still, let’s take a quick peek into some of the widely known benefits of it.

Before focusing on how to incorporate exercise in your schedule let’s understand why you should exercise. Here, take a quick glimpse of the benefits of working out.

  1. It reduces anxiety
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The 21st-century world is familiar with anxiety, maybe way too much familiar than it should’ve been.
From teenagers to adults everyone is suffering from anxiety disorders.
But guess what exercise helps to reduce it. Regular exercise releases feel-good endorphins, endogenous cannabinoids, and other natural brain chemicals that help in easing through depression and anxiety.
Now all my fellas who are going through a low phase in their life, YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO.

  1. It benefits the cardiovascular system

Nowadays heart diseases are on the rise.
In a recent survey, it is known that China had the highest number of heart related deaths in 2019, followed by India, Russia, the United States, and Indonesia.
According to the American heart association (AHA), nearly half of all adults in the United States are suffering from heart-related disorders.
Considering the lifestyle changes the world is going through you may be one of them but don’t worry.
Regular working out benefits our cardiovascular system.
When we exercise regularly it improves the ability of muscles to pull oxygen out of the blood, reducing the nasty need of the heart to pump more blood.
It also reduces the number of stress hormones which often put an extra burden on the heart.
It helps by slowing down the heart rate and thus lowering blood pressure.
So exercising on regular basis prevents Cardiovascular diseases and provides you a happy stress-free life.
It increases your life span.

  1. It drives you in the direction to achieve that good looking physique

I know it’s the obvious one, all of you know that.
But ain’t that the reason you are here?
It has to be here since it is one of the biggest benefits and most people start to exercise to be in a good shape.
Some people will say “No we don’t want to achieve a great physique”.
Well those ‘some people are lying.
Not a single soul will deny that he/she doesn’t want to look good.
Yeah, some of you might have started it for health-related purposes.
But plenty of people out there just started exercising on regular basis only to achieve their dream physique.

A healthy lifestyle, Increased lifespan, Good looks. That’s half of humanity’s Wishlist and the only genie here is that guy in you willing to work hard.

So now that we’ve established why you should exercise. Let us focus on how you should exercise. How to incorporate working out in your schedule?

B) Let’s jump right into the process

Do I need a process?
Why can’t I just start it?
Yeah, you do need a process although you can just start it, most probably it will go along for a while and then you’ll be back to square one.
It’s not a physical process but more of mental-Prep.
Prepare yourself mentally so that no matter what comes against you, you still keep it going for you, every day, every week.

  1. Assigning time slots

You need a disciplined routine that requires a dedicated time slot for your workout and the will to stick to it. Choose whatever works for you without compromising the volume of effort you put in each day.
If morning suits you better you can wake up early and spend one hour going through your workout before your actual day begin.
If you are comfortable in the evening. You can hit the gym after your daily college or office hours.
The important thing is fixing a time and sticking to it. You can’t go in some random manner like day 1-morning, day 2-evening, day 3- noon which will abrupt your other works or workout routine.
Fix a particular time slot for exercise and solely devote your time to it.

  1. Have some kind of triggers

It might sound weird but somehow having a trigger helps.
Like attaching the idea of your workout with something that you do on regular basis.
So when you do that work it triggers your mind that you have to workout out.
If that trigger is in around your time slot then it increases your chances more than before.
What could be good for a trigger?
It’s not tough, anything. Anything that could trigger a domino effect.
Like you can decide to workout when you finish your studies and make your mind that it is your trigger. When you will be done with your studies it’ll trigger you and you will get to your workout or you can just set a simple alarm to ring before your time slot. Yeah, something as simple as an Alarm can also work as a trigger.
Find the trigger that shoots you in the direction of your workout session.

  1. Stop giving your mind excuses

You guys who are serious about their fitness journey should seriously stop doing it. This is the main reason why most people have never been able to see how beautiful this journey is. They start, everything went fine for a while until the day they start giving themselves goddamn excuses.

“ I went a little too far yesterday, maybe I should rest today”; “ it’s not necessary to do it every day and I am doing fine”; “I am working all day, I studied, done some home chores, guess I should take rest today”. No, you shouldn’t rest. You should rest all your excuses so that you can focus on what you planned to do. Remember, rest when your mind and body require it not when your lazy azz desires it.
Stop excusing start executing.


We went through the whole process of how and why of working out, from its benefits to its scheduling.
Now it’s up to you and your iron will.
You can invest your time in front of the screen watching Netflix lying around in your bed or you can invest it in sweating hard to carve that beautiful physique and monster strength.

Now wake your Bear butt up from hibernation and move forward to achieve your dream physique.

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