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Last updated on 20 May 2021

Workout is fun. The feeling of hitting the gym is just different than any other feeling. But what if you can’t go to the gym? Like nowadays, this is more like the lockdown era. Gyms are shut, and even if they were open, not ask people can make it up to the gym. The reason might be financial or time issues. So what’s the solution for that? Yeah, most of you might have guessed it and it’s a ‘home workout’.

Home workouts are good when it comes to #gym_closed situations like lockdown. Even when someone doesn’t have the advantage to hit the gym. Let’s make it clear from the start that it might not be as effective as the gym but it’ll help you to maintain your shape.

There are numerous exercises that you can hit at home at your preferred time slots. Many exercises are basic yet effective. Let’s see 5 basic exercises that even a newbie can do at home.

All these exercises are compound exercises. They got many muscle groups but focus on one specific muscle. Without any further due, let’s see what these basic exercises are:-


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This is a famous one, newbie or even a person with zero fitness knowledge knows what pushup is. Pushups are well known for strengthening the core and upper body. It also improves muscle mass and cardiovascular health. Most of you know how to perform pushups. For those who don’t know just be on the ground put your palms on shoulder width and put fit on its footing space. Hold your body straight, move your body up and down with perfect momentum but don’t lay on the ground. Pushups activate the chest, triceps, Delts & lats, but they mainly pump the chest.

There are many variations of pushups, some well-known variation to pump is

A) Incline pushups

This mainly targets your lower chest area. In this, your foot will be on the ground and you’ll place your palms on something elevated from the ground can be a table. Then slowly execute the momentum without disturbing the straight body posture.

B) Decline pushups

This is vice versa of incline pushups, well form-wise. Here your palms will be on the ground and your foot will be on the elevated surface. Similar momentum without harming the form. It mainly targets your upper chest.


Photo by John Fornander on Unsplash

Yeah as the name suggests, it will mainly target your tricep. That’s not all it also activates your anterior delts and chest. It also increases arm strength and builds a lean mass in the upper arm.

 *Fun Fact: Triceps consist of 2/3rd of your arm. Yeah, that means training your triceps will lead to bigger arms. Now how to perform tricep dips. Take a chair or knee level table. Place your hand not wider than shoulder grip. Legs in front of you but footing shouldn’t be far apart. Hold your body up and then take it lower than your palms level, make sure you’re not bending at any side. Triceps dips are a good exercise for overall tricep development.

Diamond pushups

If you’re having a problem performing tricep dips but have perfected pushups. You can try diamond push-ups as it also targets triceps and is helpful for its overall growth


Photo by Fortune Vieyra on Unsplash

A perfect exercise to build abdominal muscles. Let me clarify it, crunches help build ab muscles but they don’t generally help in making them visible. It’s just to build abs and Core strength, and it’s pretty easy to execute. Lay down on your mat, hold your knees up while foot on the ground. Now crunch your way up as your trying to reach your knees. Don’t do this too fast or too much. Crunch up to halfway and squeeze those upper abs.

If you mastered that then try REVERSE CRUNCHES which will help you build lower abs. In reverse crunches just crunch from the opposite, I mean raise your hip and try to touch your knees to your chest.

Everybody wants a good-looking body and chiseled abs on it is a kind of boon in the 21st century.


A fine body is always incomplete without shoulder and traps. Unfortunately, there aren’t many exercises that you can perform at home to build them. Pike pushup is like that lifeboat that can save all the folks from not getting sunk in with no shoulder home workout. It’s easy and effective, plus it saves your butt from having a smaller shoulder and trap. Let’s see how is it done? First, you get into a Pushup position but in that, you have to hold your hips as high as possible. Then lean down and get back up with the help of your elbow and shoulder plates. This way you target your shoulder and traps way better than they activated in normal pushups.


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There is nothing as effective as squats when it comes to leg strength training. It trains mainly your legs and hips. Quadriceps and hamstrings are the muscle to train if someone wants big and strong legs, but these muscles are hard to reach. Squat hit them too and is also helpful in core strength. It helps in fasten the metabolism and burns calories at a higher rate, which mean sweaty workout session.

It is included in the BIG 3 exercise other than bench press & deadlift. The good news is you can do squat at home if you don’t have access to the gym. The squat is literally one of the best exercises out there.

⭕ If you are still here then we have a bonus for you. We know that all the exercises mentioned above are basically bodyweight. If some of you guys have access to a pull-up bar. Then you can try pull-ups and chin-ups with effectively hit back & biceps.

Here you have 5 basic yet effective exercises that mainly target a specific muscle part. Now if some of you have dumbbells at home and want an amazing home workout dumbbell edition. Let me know in comments.

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