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The beginning of anything can be exciting or can be tough. Some things might hold your interest from start. Then some ask you to dive a little deeper. Home workout needs a little push every once in a while.
In starting when their hearts are brimming with emotions to change themselves. They find it hard to stick to their will or workout plan. Especially these days when gyms are closed. People don’t have the advantage of different types of equipment or proper guidance.

Home workout is all people have now. We have already listed some of the best exercises to do at home. You want to have a look at it, click the link below.
5 Basic Exercise That Makes Home Workout Fun

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There comes a time when you can’t achieve hypertrophy with your home workout.
So the best thing to sense hypertrophy again is by increasing the intensity. That can be done by working out for a longer period. Increasing weights can be a better alternative as some people can’t invest much time in it. And what suits better than dumbbells for that job.

Whenever you imagine someone working out with dumbbells. The first thought that strike in your head is biceps. Here is a great catch, dumbbells have much more to offer. They aren’t amiable only two biceps.

A pair of dumbbells can provide you the little push required for your workout.
Its weight is dependable. It should be somewhat that you can lift without any difficulty. Yet can be a little challenging for you as well.
Dumbbells are a great option to include in-home workout. As it gives you a little push by increasing intensity.
Now, how will dumbbell assist you in a home workout? Simply, you will include some of its best exercises in your home workout.
Come let’s see some of the exercises that you can do with dumbbells. Each exercise will focus on a specific muscle part. Let’s jump right into the info part.

1. Biceps curl

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Who doesn’t want big biceps?
Having great biceps is the symbol of masculinity and well-developed arms. As the name suggests, biceps curls are effective for biceps.

It’s not even hard though. Stand or sit depending on your favorite one. Hold dumbbells in your hands. Then try to take your dumbbell and reach to the shoulder (through elbow joints). Don’t move your elbow while doing it. You can start by executing first on one hand. Then complete yourself by doing it with the other hand. When you get the hang of it, try doing it by both hands alternately.

Biceps curl mainly targets brachii, brachialis, and brachioradialis muscle. This helps in overall bicep development.

Hammer curl

If you have master biceps curl.while thinking of something more to train your biceps. Hammer curl is what you are looking for. It targets the long head of the biceps along with the Brachialis and Brachioradialis.
The only difference between biceps and hammer curls is their grip. In bicep curl your group is horizontal. Whereas a hammer curl is done vertically. It’s one of the most effective bicep exercises. The one I will go with

2. Tricep kickbacks

Photo by Alora Griffiths on Unsplash

What else completes good looking arm? Along with biceps, triceps are needed to be trained. Dumbbell helps in building them too. As told in the earlier article. The triceps consist of 2/3 of your arm. It’s pretty darn important to train it for having massive arm gains.
Tricep kickbacks are the answer to that. The triceps consist of 3 heads: long, medial & lateral head. Kickbacks work all three of them. It mainly targets the lateral head.

Now how to perform tricep kickback. Take a dumbbell in only one hand, because doing with both hands might be difficult. Bend a little, don’t arch your back keep it straight while bending.
Can take a dumbbell with your elbow intact with your waist. Now try to straighten up your hand without harming the posture. Doing this with proper form will lead to bigger triceps. “Bigger tricep hack is through triceps kickback”


Another marvelous exercise for training triceps is overhead dumbbell extension. It works for overall tricep growth/size. Foldable of with Alba raising above head and dumbbell downwards.
Then straighten your hand and squeeze those triceps muscles. follow this step throughout the set and feel the sensation of triceps evolving.

3. Dumbbell press

There is shortness of chest superiority in the fitness community. The good the chest, the better the physique. If you are at the gym, you have plenty of options up your sleeve. From pushups to bench press. Anything you put your hands on that target chest is within your reach. What if you only have access to a pair of dumbbells?
Don’t worry dumbbell press has your back. Yeah, you might be thinking that it is performed at the gym.
That’s not how it is, if you have a bench at home it can have the same effect as the gym.
Even if you don’t have a bench at home you can still work it on the floor.

The difference between dumbbell press on bench and ground is a range of motion. While performing dumbbell press on floor, arms rest on the ground. Thus it cuts elasticity and tension on the target area.
While in the bench press, you get the full range of motion hence more intensity and better growth.
But that doesn’t cut the fact that dumbbell press is still the most effective exercise for pec development. Although being done on bench or floor.

The process is simple. Lay on the ground, put on the ground with knees up high. Hold dumbbells in both hands and keep them wide apart. Raise them straight up and then get back invite apart hand stance. Repeat this process throughout the set, squeezing those pec muscles.

4. Shoulder press

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By the name you have already guessed what this workout targets. Shoulder beautifies your physical into something eye-pleasing.
The shoulder press is a great strengthening exercise. It strengthens the shoulders and upper body. Muscles worked during this exercise are upper pecs, triceps, deltoids, and trapezius. It mainly targets the anterior deltoid (front portion of shoulder muscle).
You can do it while standing up or sitting down.
Hold dumbbells in your both hands. Raise of your hands and elbow shouldn’t be above or below shoulder level. Now lift them straight up over your head. Then take them back but not below shoulder level. Avoid doing it if you feel difficulty lifting weight over.

Doing it right, insurance boulder shoulder. Having broad shoulders shouldn’t be compromised as they are very promising for a better-looking physique.

5. Lunges

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Lunges train your legs. This article would be incomplete without an exercise to train legs.
That’s where lunges come in. Lunges can be done with bodyweight as well as dumbbells. While performing lunges with dumbbell/weights have better muscle activation.

Hold a dumbbell in both hands. Put one leg in front. Lower your body down from the hip level. Forming a perpendicular pose between your foot, knee, and hip joint. Then put another leg and repeat the same. You will feel your legs getting worked up. That’s how you perform lunges. Make sure of one thing. If you are having trouble performing it with weights. Then start without weights or fewer weights. Eventually, you will come around and will have no problems in doing it with weights.

* Bonus tip for home workout

A bonus tip for all you guys. If you are having any kind of difficulty lifting weights. Either lessen your weight or first master your workout without weights.
If you push yourself even when you have difficulty. You might injure yourself and that can be a setback for your fitness journey.


Here you have some of the best exercises with a dumbbell. That you can include in your home workout and level up your workout. Now if you folks require an article. That covers building a home gym in budget. Use the comment section below and I’ll make it for you guys. Till then keep grinding keep growing.

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