How To Build A Budget Home Gym | Every Thing You Need to Know

The gym is without a doubt the best option to build a better physique. However, that option isn’t with everyone. The gym is not that in use during this Quarantine era. Despite that the undying will to build their dream physique resides in humans. We all have come through certain people on social media. They have built their home gym, celebrities, or Instagram influencers for instance.

Having a home gym can be considered a great feeling. Firstly, you can have it anytime you want. Secondly, you can decide the timing according to your schedule. Lastly, you will have no excuse that I am feeling tired and the gym is far away.

Also, there is something that I want to remind you all. The idea of people having their home gym. That you have seen on social media. All of them live luxurious life. So, building a home gym with every piece of equipment/machine will not be hard for them. Yet, it doesn’t mean that normal guys like us can’t afford to build it.

What’s in this? 

So basically we have to build a budget home gym. That’s why we will be focusing on some of the essentials and in-budget equipment. That won’t jump out of your budget. Yet, can help perform the exercise for your whole body.

As the fact has been established. That only essential equipment will be taken under consideration. So, you can count machines out of this article.

The information will be provided in such a manner. We will tell you the equipment to build your home gym. What’s more, we will tell you which body part you can train with them.

Now without longing the intro any further. Let’s move forward and give you folks what you are waiting for.

A) Dumbbells 

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Dumbbell is that mutual friend which connects high intensity to your home workout. No way someone can leave them out. Dumbbells are essential among the essentials. And yeah, they are that important. You can train most of the muscles with just a pair of dumbbells. I want to know how, click below and have a look 👇


It helps you train your biceps, triceps, shoulders, legs, etc. If you don’t have enough money to build your home gym. Even so, you can get a pair of dumbbells to provide you a little push.
The two types of dumbbell that you can go for:

(i) Fixed dumbbells

The dumbbell that catches your eyes with their pleasing design. Whereas, those eye-pleasing designs come with a fixed weight on them. You can pick their weight according to your compatibility. To clarify, let me put it like this. If you buy a Fixed dumbbell of weight, let say 7.5 kg. So you have a definite 7.5 kg with you. You can’t raise or decrease your weight on it according to your compatibility. That’s why they are called fixed dumbbells and their rates are high

(ii) Adjustable dumbbells

Adjusting to certain conditions is not a bad thing. If you are low on budget, adjustable dumbbells are your aid. Now, what it does? It exactly proves his name. You can adjust the weight of your choice on it. For example, you are doing a shoulder press. But, you are feeling a little heavy to pull it up. In that case, you can adjust the weight to something that you can lift with ease. However, if you have fixed dumbbells at that instance. It might ruin your exercise.

Now, if you ask me which one to go for? I will say look at your budget. If it’s a little higher and you want something eye-pleasing go with the fixed one. However, if you are a little tight on a budget go with the adjustable dumbbells. You might not have that eye-pleasing dumbbell design with adjustable dumbbells. But, there is no shame in going for them. As they will surely help you build your muscle like that with a fancy one.

B) Bars/rods 

Bars help a lot. With the movement as well as the contraction in the target muscle area. What’s more, is you can do many compound exercises with the help of bars. In other words, was helps us to build and grow muscle faster. It helps in training your biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, legs and strengthening your core.
Now the question arises: there are plenty of bars which one to go for?
Let’s simplify and look into them.

(i) Standard Bars

Standard barbell rods are a great fit. The best thing is you can go for the size you want. From 3 feet to 6 feet. Whichever you think will suit your requirement go for it. A piece of advice, don’t go for a shorter size as it will only help you to train your biceps. Get an average length rod. That can aid you in bicep exercise as well as other exercises. 5 feet road should be good for rowing(for back), squat(for legs), curling(for biceps). It can be an easy fit for all.

(ii) Ez Bar

EZ bar shows better biceps activation the normal standard bars. It can also be helpful for better tricep activation (skull crusher).

There are some other bars too. But, these stand out for essential and budget. So, I won’t be including the other bars.

Now the important part. Bars are sold by the rate of iron and their height. You can get it at the rate of 100Rs/feet (rates might have risen due to lockdown).
If you have a pretty good budget. Then I’ll suggest you go with a 6 feet standard barbell rod. Along with a 3.5 or 4 feet Ez bar.
But, if you broke have a low budget. Then just go with the 5 feet standard bar as it will go with every exercise.

⭕ If you haven’t picked fixed dumbbells and are looking for adjustable dumbbells. Then you have to get two separate dumbbell rods as well.


Without weights, having a rod or adjustable dumbbell will sound lame. The weight gives you the resistance. And, overcoming that resistance provide you the intensity. Which ends up in a sweaty, yet satisfying workout session.
you can get weight plates according to your comfort and your desire. You guys can get weight plates of 5 kg, 7.5 kg, 10 kg, Or even 15 kg. Any number that you can be comfortable lifting.
What’s more, is that without weight at the adjustable dumbbells are kind of useless.

Now hold on, let me disclose the rates before you jump to any conclusions. Weight plates are generally sold at 20Rs/kg in the local market. But, rates might be on the rise due to lockdown. At certain places, I heard that it might be 40Rs/kg. So made calculations before buying it. Write it on the paper before purchasing. About how many plates of what weight(kg) you want.
I will provide you a suggested chat for it at the end of this article.


These are trendy nowadays. They are portable and easy to use. Every muscle group can be trained with it. Moreover, it is structured to provide you resistance for better intensity. It comes with resistance varying from range to range.
Greater the resistance, the greater the price.
What else can you ask for?
If you are traveling, you can carry it with you and train your muscle anytime.
Just don’t forget to buy a door anchor with it.
It can range between 500-1000 or even 1500 rupees. Depending upon the resistance it provides

Let’s compile 

⭕Fixed dumbbells will price higher and that will vary on their weight.
⭕Adjustable dumbbells (keeping weight aside) its rod will be 1.5 feet high.
⭕Lets your going with 6 feet standard rod and 3 feet EZ bar.
⭕Weights will be 20Rs/kg let’s take it to 40Rs/kg to be on the safer side.
And lastly, resistance band wearing from 500Rs-1000Rs.

Budget chart 

🔸Adj. Dumbbells: 2×1.5feet= 3feet
🔸6feet rod : 1×6feet= 6feet
🔸3feet Ez bar : 1×4 feet(as it is curled up so rate of curled iron is added) = 4 feet
Overall bar length 13 by the rate of 100Rs/feet. It’ll cost you = 1300rs
🔸2 × 2.5kg= 5kg
🔸6 × 5kg= 30kg
🔸2 × 7.5kg= 15kg
Overall weight = 50kg
By the rate of 40Rs/kg= 2000Rs
🔸 Resistance bands with fine resistance can be bought up to 700 rupees.

Total estimated expenditure : 1300+2000+700= 4000 Rs


Here you have your budget home gym. That can train every muscle group of your body. And, if somebody wants to go a little higher they can just include more weight plates.
If you exercise daily with a proper routine. This equipment can help boost muscle growth.
If some of you folks want to know an awesome workout routine with a resistance band. Let me know via comments. And, tell me what other equipments you would conclude in your home gym. Those aren’t mentioned above in this list. Till then keep grinding, keep growing

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