No Gym, No Equipment, No Worries

Many people malign the name of the gym to use an excuse.
When asked, “why you don’t work out”? Or, “why don’t you stick to a routine that helps you get fit”. The most common thing they give as an answer is “I don’t go to the gym”. “I don’t have enough cash to hit the gym”. There are some creatures with more talk and less brain. The goal like doing Gym will make the bulkier for huge. Seriously, I don’t know how that’s a bad thing.
The Bottom line is when asked why are halting their fitness journey? Those people simply blame not being able to hit the gym.
But, is gym the only option around?
Certainly, the gym is one of the most popular options to build a better physique. But, but it’s not the only option around.

What are the other options?

If it’s not the only option then what are the other options to look forward to?
Let’s cover some aspects and fitness other than the gym. Most of the newbie things that hitting Gym will make them grow. Certainly, that’s the thought that keeps you behind in your fitness journey.

They get so indulge in that thought. They just get focused on the gym and forget what they should. To achieve what they are seeking.

Good-looking physic is made up of a mixture of session, diet, and rest. Which evokes a strong feeling of mindfulness and Euphoria.
What newbie lack, is a vision to carry diet and rest aspects with their session. But these other aspects have even greater value to add up to your journey.

Let’s break every aspect for your better understanding:


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Again, doing a workout in the gym is not the only session you have. That you can invest your time in.

There are various other sessions. That will be helpful to build or design your own body at your will.
These other sessions are.

(i) Running

This is easily one of the best sessions. Although in most of our community it is the so-called “gain killer”. It’s a myth, you guys. Running doesn’t kill your gains. Excessive running does. Excess of everything is harmful and we all know that. However, a running session of 25 to 30 minutes is beneficial to our health.
Running have many benefits. It helps in improving cardiovascular health which in turn drastically decreases the chances of a heart attack.
Studies show people who run have a 27% lower risk of premature death.
It also helps in defining muscle. As well as, it helps in weight loss. People who run regularly tend to have better sleep.

That’s more than enough for just 25-30 minutes of the session. Also, it doesn’t mess with your gains.
So, people with excuses that they don’t have a gym. You have legs, don’t you?

Excuses won’t take you to the destination of your fitness journey. But running can and it surely will. On top of that, you don’t need a gym for it.

(ii) Circuit training

Circuit training is a kind of a workout. That can be done at the gym, at home, or at outdoors.
How to perform circuit training?
Take 3 to 4 different exercises. Perform these exercises with little to no rest in between. First, complete one circuit. Then repeat the circuit 2-3 times with a little rest between circuits. Moreover, the best thing about circuit training is that its high time efficiency. You can train whole-body in 30-40 minutes session.

Circuit training can improve strength. It is effective in cardiovascular as well as, respiratory health. It helps to keep your mind stimulated. By including different exercises in one circuit you can improve your mental stability.

It burns high-calorie. And, it can be done with resistance bands dumbbells, or even with your body weight.

If you don’t have access to the gym. Then, circuit training is worth trying.

(iii) HIIT

High-intensity interval training is one of the best options. If you have less time on your hand. HIIT is said to be even more effective than cardio.

HIIT consists of exercises to pump hot at 85% of its high capacity.

HIIT is performed by, selecting exercises to include in your session. Suppose, you have included 5 exercises for your session. Then, the next step should be setting the work to rest ratio.
It varies, if you are a beginner you can go with 1:2. Where you will work for let’s say, 30 seconds and take rest for 60 seconds. If you are at an intermediate level keep the ratio 1:1. And if you are advanced then you can go for 2:1. Where 2 is for work and 1 is for rest.

The new repeat your session 2-3 times to feel the sensation.
Studies have proven eight minutes of HIIT can boost performance in athletes.
Whereas a session longing from 16 to 20 minutes can be better for fat loss.

HIIT will surely give you the pump. Will increase your performance and that too in a limited low time frame.

Here are some suggestions (other than the gym). There are plenty of more like cycling, swimming, yoga, Zumba, etc.

The whole motive till now is to make you realize. That, there are too much other than the gym at your arsenal. Give them a shot.

Without further halting let’s move to other aspects now.


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“We are what we eat”. But, are we eating the right stuff?
No matter how much work you put in your session. If you aren’t paying attention to your diet it’s all in vain.

Diet is a four-letter word but it covers almost 70% of your fitness journey. So, neglecting it might be a big mistake.
Diet is so much important like you can find a skinny guy and an obese person in the same locality. Doing their work out together and not taking that seriously and ending up like this.
Consumption of a healthy diet is heavily influenced by marketing. People see advertisements for something. Eventually, get cravings and leaning towards the direction of an unhealthy diet.

A small change in your habit can have a bigger impact on your lifestyle. Controlling that craving and eating healthy food, for instance.
Eating healthy food and enhance metabolism, better growth, and promote health.

People often get confused with the word DIETING. They think leaving food is dieting all about. But, it is just eating the right thing with the right quantity at the right time.
Diet can differ as well with your goals. You will need a high-calorie diet for gaining. And you have to go with calorie deficit for weight loss.
The end line is, stop neglecting the fact that diet is even more important than your session.

There’s one simple rule Eat clean, stay healthy, and grow bigger.


Pretty much as important as your training session. Although, people like behind in it too.
After a hard, sweaty session. A resting period is a must. To replenish your drained strength and stamina. As well as, for better recovery of your torn muscle cells.

Some people treat themselves in a kind of funny way. After grinding hard through their session. A session is followed by episodes of Netflix. Which are binge-watched for the whole night.
Resting is no joke. You want to have your dream physique. Then you better be ready for whatever it takes.
And, if you can’t even rest adequately. Then you seriously lack knowledge in how to make your journey a success.

A sleep of 8 hours is considered a good sleep. Good sleep means better digestion for all the diets you have taken.
On the other hand, bad sleep can slow down your metabolism. Halts your fat loss process. Furthermore, can make you less productive.
So, it’ll be a wise option to stick with a better sleeping plan.

You can sleep for 8 hours straight. Otherwise, you can go for six hours at night and 2 hours at noon. It’s just a slight display of how you can adjust your sleeping time. You can do it with your compatibility.

Now don’t lack on this aspect as well take it with your session. To get an overall pursuit of your fitness journey.


You want to achieve your dream physique. Then move forward keeping every aspect in your mind. You have to make these things your habit and carry them together.

Here, we went through every aspect to keep in mind. To better ourselves. And moving forward in the direction to achieve our dream physique.
Just remember
“Fitness isn’t a goal, it’s a destination. It’s a lifestyle.”

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